Schedule for KNC401: Computer System Security

*All Dates are tentative and subject to change.
Week Lecture Topics Start Date Quiz Date
Week 1 Lecture 01 Introduction 4-Aug-2020 24-Aug-2020
  Lecture 02 Interview with Prof.Sandeep Shukla CSE IIT kanpur    
  Lecture 03 What is computer security and what to learn?    
Week 2 Lecture 04 Learning objectives 11-Aug-2020 31-Aug-2020
  Lecture 05 Sample Attacks    
  Lecture 06 The Marketplace for vulnerabilities    
  Lecture 07 Error 404 Hacking digital India part 1 chase    
Week 3 Lecture 08 Control Hijacking 18-Aug-2020 7-Sep-2020
  Lecture 09 More Control Hijacking attacks integer overflow    
  Lecture 10 More Control Hijacking attacks format string vulnerabilities    
Week 4 Lecture 11 Defense against Control Hijacking - Platform Defenses 25-Aug-2020 14-Sep-2020
  Lecture 12 Defense against Control Hijacking - Run-time Defenses    
  Lecture 13 Advanced Control Hijacking attacks    
Week 5 Lecture 14 Detour Unix user IDs process IDs and privileges 1-Sep-2020 21-Sep-2020
  Lecture 15 More on confinement techniques    
  Lecture 16 System call interposition    
  Lecture 17 Error 404 digital Hacking in India part 2 chase    
  Lecture 18 VM based isolation    
  Lecture 19 Confinement principle    
  Lecture 20 Software fault isolation    
Week 6 Lecture 21 Rootkits 8-Sep-2020 28-Sep-2020
  Lecture 22 Intrusion Detection Systems    
  Lecture 23 Secure architecture principles isolation and leas    
  Lecture 24 Access Control Concepts    
  Lecture 25 Are you sure you have never been hacked Sandeep Shukla    
Week 7 Lecture 26 Unix and windows access control summary 15-Sep-2020 5-Oct-2020
  Lecture 27 Other issues in access control    
  Lecture 28 Introduction to browser isolation    
  Lecture 29 Web security landscape    
  Lecture 30 Web security definitions goals and threat models    
  Lecture 31 HTTP content rendering    
Week 8 Lecture 32 Browser isolation 22-Sep-2020 12-Oct-2020
  Lecture 33 Security interface    
  Lecture 34 Cookies frames and frame busting    
  Lecture 35 Major web server threats    
Week 9 Lecture 36 Cross site request forgery 29-Sep-2020 19-Oct-2020
  Lecture 37 Cross site scripting    
  Lecture 38 Defenses and protections against XSS    
  Lecture 39 Finding vulnerabilities    
  Lecture 40 Secure development    
  Lecture 41 Basic cryptography    
  Lecture 42 Public key cryptography    
Week 10 Lecture 43 RSA public key cryptography 6-Oct-2020 26-Oct-2020
  Lecture 44 Digital signature Hash functions    
  Lecture 45 Public key distribution    
  Lecture 46 Real world protocols    
  Lecture 47 Basic terminologies    
  Lecture 48 Email security certificates    
  Lecture 49 Transport Layer security TLS    
  Lecture 50 IP security    
  Lecture 51 DNS security    
Week 11 Lecture 52 Internet infrastructure 13-Oct-2020 2-Nov-2020
  Lecture 53 Basic security problems    
  Lecture 54 Routing security    
  Lecture 55 DNS revisited    
  Lecture 56 Summary of weaknesses of internet security    
  Lecture 57 Link layer connectivity and TCP IP connectivity    
  Lecture 58 Packet filtering firewall    
  Lecture 59 Intrusion detection    
  Lecture 60 Concluding remarks    
*All Dates are tentative and subject to change.